Setting The Captives FREE

You are not here by coincidence.

Maybe you have followed my posts and have hired me as your health coach and still enjoy reading more blog posts.

Maybe you have followed my posts and have been sitting on that darn fence for weeks or months.

You are not here by coincidence.

What I do is more than food.

Its not just about telling people how to eat.

People begin on a journey that takes them to unexpected victories in ways that they did not even think were a part of this.

God has created me in a way that I first and foremost love Him.

And I very much love and care about people.

And I very much love what I now do.  In case you didn't realize that.

Put it all together and I'm a bit different than your average health coach.

If you consider yourself to be a part of the body of Christ, I have a question for you.

Because He is and has been leading me to this place, this moment, right here, right now, for YOU.

It has been stirring in me so deeply.

Well, a lot has been stirring in me deeply.

The fleshy part of me wants to run and jump and scream and shout.

But then, in my Spirit, I am reminded to be still.  And wait.

And only move how and when He tells me.

And folks, He is telling me all sorts of stuff.

You should be excited. 

I'm terribly excited.

One year ago, I was helping about 5 people get their kitchen saved.

WOW, have I come so far from how it all happens now.

Because I have been sent the right people, at the right time, to sharpen me as YOUR coach today.

Do you believe that He has a purpose and a calling on your life?

I know mine and am walking it out daily.

Not because I was equipped for it.

Because He equipped me for it.

That's the difference.

Let me say this again.

What I do is MORE than food.

But it starts there.

You are taught, guided and encouraged.

Some grab it fairly quickly.

Guess what?

I have had many, many success stories come out of these past six months.

Because those people have hired me for multiple months and have utilized most all that I have to offer.

That is why its important for me to keep pushing through.

To keep my eye on Him and the path He lays out for me.

I've got BIG things in store.

He is telling me to MOVE.

A year ago, I couldn't have imagined or dreamt all of this.

But, just as in my spiritual walk, I have learned to listen to His leading.

THAT is key.

THAT is why I'm successful.

THAT is the how and why people are truly being set free.

Why do I keep saying that?

Because its an important part of this healthy journey.

He is setting me up to be a part of the mission field.  I can see it.

But He is also setting me up for His church.

I can see it.

I used to have a fear of public speaking.

No more.

In fact, I thrive on it.  Wait.  Did I just say that?

And when I say church, I don't mean specifically mine.

I've been allowed to touch another church in the area. 

I've coached both the Pastor and his wife and also  taught a workshop there.

It opened my eyes wider to the need.

He is calling us out of the unhealthy lifestyle we have been leading and most often feel stuck in.

We need to be better witnesses.

We need to think more clearly.

We need to set examples.

We need to be set free.

WHAT are you waiting for.

Be a part of this #stkarmy movement.

You'll see what everyone else is discovering and experiencing.




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  • Betty Mullaney on

    Yes, yes yes… oh my goodness… YES!!!

  • Angie M. on

    Shari we are blessed with having you start us on this journey, you taught us so much and cheered us on thru the good and bad days. You were an answer to my prayers of where to begin and how to do it the right way. God chose the right person for the job that you are doing and thank you for following his calling!!

  • Marilyn on

    Shari it excited me just reading this today. I had just finished ordering two books on Amazon (Amazon, it’s a love hate relationship. Lol). Both are on this very topic. Jesus calling us out to disciple, and stop being silent.

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